I hope you are enjoying the journaling prompts thus far. I am always trying to think of things to help document our life in a more meaningful way. That is a journey in itself, isn’t it?
Well here are 10 more prompts for January…

Interview a family member and write the conversation down.

Write about 1 thing that brings you sunshine.

Record what kind of wild animals and/or birds you are seeing this month.

List at least 1 new thing you have tried this month (could be a food, project, technique, ect).

Document whether your life has been busier or slower than usual.

Write down a kindness shown to you recently.

Describe the emotions behind a photo that would otherwise not be known.

Write a review of a book you have read this month, or list at least one book you want to read and explain why.

Record the weather patterns you have observed this month.

Name 3 things you are grateful for this month.

Feel free to experiment for example re-using prompts each month to get a full year of one prompt, which could be fun to look back thru. Happy Journaling!

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