We all can easily document the big moments in our lives. But there is so much more than just those moments or events. These prompts can help to get those often overlooked details down into the scrapbooks.

And now here are 10 more prompts for February…

List 3 things you are looking forward to.

Journal about a favorite recipe and how you prepare it.

Write about the last time you went to the grocery store. What were the prices? What stood out to you?

Document what you did in your downtime.

Compare a photo of you (or your family) now and one from 10 years ago. Journal about some of the changes or things that stayed the same.

Record a mistake you made and how you fixed (or plan to fix) it.

Spotlight a friend and describe all their wonderful and unique qualities.

Give an example of something that was popular during your childhood.

Name your current pets and give their ages if you know them.

Share a discovery you made recently – no matter how large or small.

I will be back on the first Tuesday of March with some more prompts for you. Happy journaling!

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