It’s no secret – I am pretty old fashioned. I love a lot of the ways of old and pretty much anything vintage or antique. I really enjoy relishing about times gone by more than I do about modern life. Today, I have a wonderful bundle for you called Good Old Days. It’s heart is based on all things old. I especially love the Victorian items I found for this bundle which help give it that “good old days” feel. The palette is happy but warm and vintage too. I hope you will enjoy this new release!

It’s true no era of a person’s life is only golden. But I believe we can certainly enjoy, embrace, and remember the good days. This bundle, Good Old Days is wonderful for retelling those stories from our own better days, or our families’ stories. Included are some Victorian elements to add to the charm of yesteryear. And with over 150 elements, papers, clusters and journal cards you are sure to find something to assist you in your projects or pages.

Creative Team Inspiration

Just look at these beautifully crafted layouts made by my Team! They are sure to inspire!

Credits Above Left: Valentina  |  Right: AMarie

Credits Above Left: Valentina  | Right: Bourico

Credits Above Left: Valentina | Center: AMarie | Right: Poki

Credits Above Left: Poki | Right: AMarie

Credits Above AMarie

Credits Above Left: Lou | Right: AMarie

Credits Above Left: Valentina  |  Right: AMarie

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