We were able to grow a lot of pumpkins this year before they succumbed to every bug they could get. We had Squash Bugs, the deceiving lady bug which is squash eating, Squash Vine Borers and even the striped Cucumber Squash Beetle attacked our poor vines. But they still managed to produce a nice crop of pumpkins. If we had planted them a little later, which we will next year, we would be having pumpkins just as the Goldenrod begins to blossom.

Since Goldenrod blooms around the same time as ragweed it is often confused with that allergy inducing plant, so it gets a bad rep. But once I discovered Goldenrod I fell in love with it. It is such a pretty plant and wonderful for dyestuffs and has been used by many Native Americans for herbal remedies like wound healing. Today, my latest bundle is inspired by these two vibrant and useful fall plants to make Goldenrod & Pumpkins.

Goldenrod & Pumpkins evoke the slower pace of September days signaling the arrival of autumn. The weather turns cooler, sweaters are unpacked and the colors of fall begin to take shape.  There are 6 clusters, 10 journal cards in three sizes, over 70 unique elements, and over 40 papers. 

Creative Team Created : Free Cluster Gifts

Creative Team member AMarie has made this beautiful photo frame cluster and shared it with us!

Another Creative Team member, Valentina created these cute label clusters for us!

Creative Team Inspiration

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  1. Thank you & AnneMarie for the lovely cluster frame!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Pam! ♥

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