Most of the US has or will be returning back to school, in some way or other. I will be homeschooling, which is my 18th year in doing so. [So hard to believe I have been at it this long!] Out of my four children I now have only two left to school, a first and fifth grader. As you can imagine I will be pretty busy in the next few weeks, esp since we will start the last week of August. I normally wait till after labor day to begin our school but scheduling just wasn’t going to allow it this year. I am looking forward to it but it will certainly mean a host of renewed routines.

Since it’s nearly Autumn, and all the back to school on goings are in full swing, I have a new bundle for you called Backpack & Pencils. This packed bundle is all about going back to school. First day, last day and anything in between – this bundle helps you document those everyday moments!

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  1. full of school smell
    Thank you

    1. I can smell it too! 😉 Thanks for stopping by & commenting as well!

  2. Thanks for sharing this beauty
    keep being so creative

    1. I appreciate your sweet comment Susan! Thank you! ♥

  3. Lovely. Thank you so much.

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