It’s nearly summer here and that means the gardens are in full swing. I am not really much of a gardener myself but my husband does quite well with plants. This past year we were able to enjoy spinach, beet and romaine thru the winter months into early spring because of his efforts.

This spring we had some late freezes which our new blueberry bushes did not do so well with. We also fight having black walnut trees all over the property. We have always struggled with blueberry plants which are sensitive to the black walnut as it’s toxic to them. One blueberry plant made it thru but the other did not. But we are not giving up lol!

This spring we also transplanted some wild black raspberry canes which we are surprised are already doing quite well. We also have a strawberry patch and he planted some grape vines which the latter we have yet to see how well they do.

On that note of all things garden here is my latest bundle, Garden Notes. Happy gardening everyone!

In my Garden Notes bundle I used my Botanical Sketches which are also now available at Digital Scrapbook. They come with both the leave shape and a sketch shape in psd, png & .ai formats.

Creative Team Inspiration

The Team has created a number of some very beautiful and versatile pages using the Garden Notes bundle!

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