If you are not one who writes daily in your planner, diary or scrapbooking, then just a few prompts could give you a little boost for an idea. I certainly fall in to that category, as I don’t journal much outside of documenting my photos. So I thought it would be fun to jot down a few ideas that could bring even more meaning to some of our journaling or layouts.

This month I have decided to begin adding some tips or tutorials on Tuesdays. I am starting with this list of at least 10 prompts for November. I love to embrace the seasonal changes so I tried to accomplish that in some of these prompts. But, I also tried to keep them generic enough for those in the Southern Hemisphere, since we are in the opposite seasons.

Write down a family story so it won’t be forgotten.

Describe what cozy means to you.

Tell what November looks like for you right now.

Write down what helps you get thru a day.

List your favorite things to wear right now.

Take some time to listen to your surroundings and write down what sound or sounds you are hearing.

List three positive things, no matter how small, that are currently having some impact on you.

Name something that has changed from November of last year.

List what favorite food or beverage you reach for currently.

Pick a scent you are enjoying this month and write about it.

I hope you can find some of them useful. Be sure to look for more prompts like this, the first Tuesday of December. Happy journaling!

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