The northern hemisphere is now in Spring. We have been so busy with getting the plants into the garden, chicks hatching or arriving in the mail, and getting our house spring cleaning done. This is really the first year I have dedicated a serious spring cleaning for the house. The whole family pitches in to clean a room or two at a time one weekend afternoon or two, depending on needs of the rooms. I am loving the de-cluttering and the freshly cleaned spaces we have been making in our home this year.

And speaking of fresh, I have a new bundle out called Spring Fresh.

This Spring Fresh bundle, with it’s lively palette, was inspired by our Pink Lady apple trees which bloom in April. I decided to follow up those blossoms with a touch of apples in an Autumn Fresh add-on. This bundle is like a breath of fresh air for all of those Spring and even Autumn photos or projects!

Creative Team Inspiration

My Team sure is amazing! Just check out all these beautiful and fresh pages put together by the ladies on my Creative Team! They are using the Spring Fresh bundle, and I really love seeing how they combine the colors in a given bundle. What an outstanding array of layouts, which are perfect to inspire your own creativity! They sure have inspired me!

Layout Credits Above Left: Bourico | Right: Lou 

Layout Credits Above Left: AMarie | Center: Carmel | Right: Valentina

Layout Credits Above Left & Right: Poki

Layout Credit Above: AMarie

Layout Credits Above Left: Valentina | Right: AMarie

Layout Credits Above Left: AMarie | Center: Bourico | Right: Carmel

Layout Credits Above Left & Right: AMarie

Layout Credits Above Left & Right: AMarie

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