Only a little over 2 weeks until Spring for those in the Northern hemisphere! And on a springtime note I decided to try the Designer Challenge namely the Template Challenge – Springtime Clusters. At first I just made clusters and then realized I needed to make templates. So I went back and did just that. This is really one of my first times making clusters…I’ve done a minimal amount in this area and mostly in layouts not for kits! So I’m trying out this new found skill!

These were made using my Into the Woods bundle found on Digital Scrapbook.  Both the clusters and the templates can be downloaded for free for a limited time! See the links below. 🙂

*Sorry Link Expired*

*Sorry Link Expired*

Into the Woods Bundle

Whether you are taking a stroll into the woods or just picking blackberries it’s all about getting back to nature.

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  1. Such a fun sweet cluster! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Antonia! I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. tysm these are very nice clusters

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