The May 2019 Good Life Collab is out. The colors were very pretty and Marisa did a marvelous job with her parts of the Collab!

I took an Old Farmhouse theme with the colors. They just seemed to whisper this to me. I have lived in an old Farmhouse once. We rented a quaint old farmhouse called by its owners, Choice Haven. I sure do miss that old Farmhouse. Even tho I live in a very historic home now, there is a special charm about Farmhouses.

Thought I would share a few photos from our days at Choice Haven Farmhouse.

And below is a look at my parts of the Collab.

You can find my individual parts by following the links below:
Elements | Papers | Journal Cards | Plaid Papers | Solid Papers

Now feast your eyes on all the beautiful creations below!

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  1. You made a fabulous part!

    1. Avatar photo

      Thank you so much LizaG! *heart*

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