I have always enjoyed going to the bookstore. There is just something about being surrounded by books and of course if there is coffee to be had that’s ok too. This bundle, Going to the Bookstore is a wonderfully cozy tribute to all things bookstore related! Whether documenting your trip to the bookstore or that favorite book I think you will enjoy this new bundle. Be sure to keep scrolling to pick up a freebie!

CT Member AMarie Cluster Freebie

CT member AMarie kindly shared a cluster freebie for everyone to enjoy! Thank you AMarie!

CT Member Valentina Zotova Cluster Freebie

*NEW* 9/30/21 – And here is another cluster freebie created by CT member Valentina Zotova who generously shared for all to enjoy! Thank you Valentina!

CT Member Poki Cluster Freebie

*NEW* 10/11/21 – Poki is sharing her cluster freebie from her blog. You can visit the link below to pick it up.

Creative Team Inspiration

These amazing pages were created by the Team! I was blown away with all of these!

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  1. Love the bundle! Thank you.

  2. Lovely new collection — thank you & AMarie for the pretty cluster!

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